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Shanghai Ruofan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer of cosmetics OEM/ODM. The company's factory environment is beautiful, located in Shanghai songjiang tianma industrial park, adjacent to the G60 shanghai-kunming expressway, G15 shenhai expressway, convenient transportation. It has GMP international standard workshop, precision vacuum emulsification equipment, 100,000 level clean and clean production workshop, 12 standard production lines and quality and stable and refined detector.
In the formulation design and the raw materials are closely related with the Swiss, France, Italy, the United States, South Korea and other cosmetics experts, the raw material factory has the professional technology close cooperation and the exchange. According to the market innovation, a large number of products of functional and special dosage forms have been developed, which are favored by famous beauty cosmetics companies both at home and abroad.
The company insists on the integrity and innovation to win the market, to provide customers with diversified cosmetics products to cater to the needs of different market groups. The cornerstone of our success is a one-stop shop for customers who can easily own a brand.
The company always insists on the customer as the focus. The quality is guaranteed, and the service is supported. The design of products from raw materials to packaging is strictly selected and evaluated. On the choice of raw materials, adhering to the "safe, effective," the beauty of idea, adopt green plants, high-tech factor, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and other advanced cosmetic ingredients, strictly put an end to any security hidden danger of the existence of matter. We have professional and enthusiasm brand consultant service team, can according to customer demand, for you to make your own brand, provides the high quality service: from the market planning, product design, development, production, procurement, inspection, to the warehouse, logistics, truly one-stop cosmetics OEM/ODM services.

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