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High Quality Control

 Raw materials: global screening, 95% import
1. Formulation screening: Select raw materials and set raw material standards according to customers' requirements
2. Sampling: Sample the supplier according to the required standard
3. Test and determination: Perform the test according to the raw material inspection standard
4. Raw material purchasing: Choose quality raw materials that are qualified for inspection and purchase
5. Samples of raw materials: Samples of different batches will be kept for the problem tracing
6. Production and manufacturing: Use high quality raw materials with high standards to be put into production
Description of inspection standard:
Sensory evaluation: Test samples and raw materials standard products for the overall appearance, color, skin sense, smell and other testing work.
Property inspection: Use laboratory instrument test hardness, density, PH value, melting the boiling point, refraction, saponification value, microorganisms, etc. Using professional instrument analysis to determine effective components accord with the standard.

Packaging: Four test standards
1. Package purchase: Supplier selection and comparison shall be conducted according to the requirements of the customer
2.Apply for check: Apply for inspection
3. Sampling: Sampling random sample for inspection
4. Test and determination: All tests are carried out according to the package inspection plan
5. Storage: after the inspection is qualified, warehousing the purchase
6. Packaging: Use qualified quality packaging materials for production packaging
Description of inspection standard:
Appearance inspection: Compare standard samples for appearance, color, texture, smell, printing, cleanliness, etc.
Specification inspection: Check the fit test of packaging specification, capacity, material, thickness, diameter and related accessories.
Functional test: The test instrument is used to detect the normal state, vacuum, torque, adhesive force, stripping and light resistance.
Compatibility test: Test the compatibility of material body and packaging material, internal light, internal pressure, color leakage, etc.

Semi-finished products: Four test standards
1. Manufacturing: Begin production according to formula and process
2. Apply for check: Apply for inspection
3. Sample retention: Hold the sample for each batch
4. Detection: Inspection based on the semi-finished product inspection scheme
5. Submission of results: Submit the report of inspection results
6. Packaging of finished products: Packaging
Description of inspection standard:
Appearance inspection: Check the appearance, color, skin feeling, usage and smell of semi-finished products by comparing with standard samples.
Physical and chemical test: The test of viscosity, hardness, proportion, PH value, refraction, centrifugation and high temperature are tested by physical and chemical tests.
Functional inspection: Use relevant instruments to analyze product efficacy and effective components.
Sanitary inspection: Test the product which covers the total number of bacteria, mold, yeast and other products under high and low temperature cycling conditions.

Finished product: Five inspection standard
1. Packaging of finished products: The qualified semi-finished products shall be in accordance with the process and enter the finished packaging procedure
2. Apply for check: Apply for inspection
3. Sampling: Sample extraction for testing
4. Detection: Test according to the finished product inspection plan
5. Submission of results: Submit the report of inspection results
6. Shipment: packing and shipping in boxes
Description of inspection standard:
Appraisal test: Compare the finished product standard seal sample, make appearance, main auxiliary materials, color, smell, texture and other five official test.
Foreign body test: Check whether the contents of the container are floating objects.
Identification test: check whether the content of printing or label is correct according to the cosmetics related laws, such as text specification, composition, date of production, batch number, etc.
Net test: test the actual filling quantity and the actual irrigation amount to meet the standard.
Sanitary inspection: the product covers the total number of bacteria, mold, yeast and other products under high and low temperature cycling conditions.

Customer service: Each link is strictly controlled by the corresponding SOP standard
1. Complaint handling: After receiving the relevant complaints, the sorting information should be submitted to the quality assurance department for special treatment
2. Survey feedback: The quality assurance department led the investigation, the related departments and the priority to deal with the complaints and give the investigation results
3. Prevention and correction: The quality assurance department shall carry out effective technical verification on the cause of the complaint, and inform the relevant departments to prevent and implement corrective actions to avoid recurrence. The departments strictly implement the corrective action plan.

Processing prescription:
Participation department: Led by quality assurance department, related departments cooperate.
Time requirement: Give the survey results within 3 working days and submit the quality assurance department for technical verification.
Processing method: After effective technical verification of the investigation result of the complaint, the first time to set up the corrective plan, the departments strictly implement.

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