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How well do you know ruofan?

Shanghai ruofan biotechnology co., LTD. is a state-appointed cosmetics manufacturer. The company sets: design packaging materials, research and development materials, services and production as one.

  [service project] :
1. Design the packaging according to the customer's requirements;
2. Develop materials for customers according to customers' requirements;
3. Help customers to purchase packaging materials according to customers' requirements;
4. According to the confidentiality agreement, all information of the customer is confidential;
5. Deliver the goods according to the agreed delivery time.
Processing category: face film, clean skin, remove horniness, yuanye processing, massage, lotion, eye cream, special nursing, white spot, acne removing accuse oil, moisture, prevent allergy, essential oil, compound essential oil, makeup, hair, bath beauty &skin care, essential oil washing, skin care and make-up classes.
Those involved with service core advantage of project: research and development team, the domestic first-class cosmetics production workshop, rich experience in OEM generation of processing, advanced production testing equipment, professional management team.

 [the services provided by ruofan] :
Assist customers in market analysis for free;
Free marketing planning consultation;
Assist customers in designing product architecture and product planning for free;
Free agent registered trademark;
Provide three certificates to our customers for free;
Free raw materials, formulation, packaging, production technology consulting;
Free provision of quality inspection and inspection services;
Provide free consultation on production technology;
Inspection of semi-finished products and finished products, acceptance of packaging materials;
Semi-finished product processing;
Warehousing and freight management services;
To provide package design services for payment;
Provide the information barcode declaration service issued by the Chinese goods management center;
The realization of benign sales growth has become one of the most influential brands of cosmetics in China.

 [processing mode] :
1. Customers can use their own brands to process products.
2. Customers can use their own samples to add style.
3. Customers can process according to their own recipe.
4. Customers can use their own raw materials to process.
5. Customers can fill and process their products by their own packaging.
6. Plan brand copywriting according to customers' positioning and requirements.
7. We can design and order the packaging materials, printing boxes, instructions and labels according to customers' requirements.
8. Assist customers in product market planning:
1) OEM: processing of incoming materials (including processing of packaging materials and processing of raw materials);
2) ODM: except for products processing, also provide one-stop supporting the entire value-added services: including the brand registration, product planning, formulation, raw material procurement to vi design, product development, packaging material cans, offer the whole process of product inspection, three certificates;
3) brand output: is based on the original OEM/odm to adapt to the new market competition environment on the basis of a new and effective mode, provide enterprises with cosmetics brand registration, embodies the market research, brand, product research and development, production, packaging, design, supply chain management, marketing, marketing management, enterprise operational management services, including a complete set of operation system, also can be summarized as brand core competitiveness of output;
4) OBM: provide and transfer processing factory registered good ready-made brand, product line has been planned, formulation, positioning, selling point, packaging and promotional support, customer only need to choose a (factory can also according to the requirements of different customers to brand the content to revise and adjust).

[processing partner] :
1) foreign businessmen making cosmetics processing.
2) make cosmetic foreign trade company.
3) I want to be a professional beauty salon of my own brand.
4) have many years experience in the cosmetics industry to process the brand investors.
5) to develop new brand distributors or agents.
6) the agent or dealer who wants to create a brand.
7) investors who want to invest in the cosmetics industry.
8) want to own the dealer of own brand.
9) new dealer with less experience.

 [the company's purpose] :
Assemble the international essence and create the professional quality. We are committed to creating an international first-class cosmetic OEM /odm platform for our customers to develop high quality professional formula.
Enterprise tenet: quality pride, service humility, synchronous international, honest and mutual benefit.

If you choose ruofan, it is worthy of your trust!

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